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TSNW - Port Townsend

TSNW-PT is a support group for women who have had a cancer diagnosis. Our focus is on exercise. We are a group of Team Survivor Northwest members who live across the water from Seattle; in east Jefferson and north Kitsap counties and participate in TSNW activities.

New members are welcome. Membership is open to women cancer survivors of any type of cancer. There is no cost to join except your time to complete some paperwork from the main office and have your doctor approve the activity. This is for funding and insurance.

Almost all activities are drop-in, no reservations required or taken, no fees. Potential members are welcome to browse this site; the Team Survivor Northwest website; and subject to the permission of the class instructor, to drop in and attend or observe a session or two of the Active Women Healthy Women class before deciding whether to become a member.

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Local TSNW Port Townsend activities

We have a Survivor Striders group when current members time and interest permits.

People participate as much or as little as they wish. Almost all activities are drop-in.


Active Women / Healthy Women classes
Discovery Physical Therapy
27 Colwell Street, Port Hadlock, 98339
just off Rhody Drive


Active Women / Healthy Women classes
4:30 to 5:30 on Mondays,
except some holidays.

Group Dinners
4th Monday of the month; after class

TSNW Retreat
Each Jan or Feb; in Fort Worden


Research proves exercise and networking improve longevity and quality of life for cancer survivors, particularly women. Women often prioritize taking care of their family or others over their own needs, and may intend to take the time for regular physical activity, but often have challenges following through. Participating in a regular activity with others can make it easier to take time for selfcare. The social interaction with other women who understand is priceless.

Interested? Read a Fitness and Cancer FAQ on the Team Survivor Northwest website. The TSNW FAQ includes references to the studies cited.


How to connect with us?
You can drop in, send us a message, or contact the Seattle office.
How to become a member?
Fill out the paperwork and get your doctor's approval. Membership is free and must be renewed annually.
How to find additional local resources
Jefferson General Support Groups
Look Good Feel Better (click on Jefferson General to open up section with upcoming dates)
Port Townsend YMCA
How to help?
Any sort of support is appreciated. Know someone who might benefit from the group? Mention TSNW-PT to them and help raise awareness. Have a little extra time or money? Scroll down just a little for all the ways you can help.

Need Help?

Interested in the group for yourself or a friend but not sure where to start? You have a couple options: contact TSNW-PT, contact the TSNW office in Seattle, or contact Discovery Physical Therapy in Port Hadlock.

Need the membership form? look here.

Want to join the listserv? If you are a member, just ask. (you may also receive a quick refresher on how to use it if you want to send a message but forgot the address). If you are not a member but want to become one, please get a reference from a member.

How to Give Help


We can't lie, money is nice. It's the easiest donation to put to work. Financial donations are tax deductible. Please mention that you appreciate the Active Women / Healthy Women exercise class in Port Hadlock.

See Team Survivor Northwest's Donate Page for a link to donate online, the office mailing address for a check, how to donate your car, and ways to shop which benefit TSNW.


TSNW runs primarily on volunteer labor. You can help staff a table at an event, or volunteer to help the event organizers with parking or registration or athlete spotting or passing out t-shirts or water. TSNW participates in many local athletic events, such as the Seattle Dragon Boat Festival, and the Women of Wonder Triathlon. See Volunteer Opportunities on the TSNW site. They always need help. These events are really fun; lots of positive energy.


You can also help by mentioning Team Survivor to the people you know. It's a national program with chapters in many states. We hope you, none of the women in your family or your friends get cancer, but if they do, let them know Team Survivor can offer them support.

Contact Us

Potential members can contact us for more information via or 360-385-5999.

Current members can get the listserv info from or by emailing Diane. If you don't have her email address, you can use the contact the webmaster logo link (bottom right corner of this page).